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26 February 2008 @ 02:34 pm
Okay, we've had discussion topics on Sakura and Syaoran, so how about Fay now (since it's hard coming up with questions for Kurogane).

Some of these questions were borrowed/mortified from the other two set of questions that jlarinda came up with.

1) What were your first impressions of Fay? Did you think he really was an airhead? Or did you know right away he was faking it?
2) Has your option of Fay changed now that we know the truth about him? Do you like him better now? Or hate him?
3) Which Fay do you like the best: Pre-Tokyo!Fay, Tokyo-Celes!Fay or Post-Celes!Fay? Or do you like some other Fay better (child!Fay, Horitsuba!Fay, etc)?
4) Do you spell his name Fay, Fai or Fye? Any reason why?
5) Who do you like shipping Fay with?
6) What's your favourite outfit that Fay wears?
7) Any favourite Fay moment?
8) Any least favourite Fay moment?
9) If you could ask CLAMP to do one thing concerning this character, what would it be?
10) Anything else you want to say about Fay?
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15 February 2008 @ 07:05 pm
HOLiC 151 spoilers

And I'm making another discussion post, this time regarding Sakura :D (yes, some of the questions are the same as those for Syaoran ;;;)

1) What were your first impressions about her? Were you familiar with the original Sakura from CCS? Either if you did, or didn't, do you think it influenced your opinion about her a lot or not?
2) What were your thoughts during Sakura's angsty phase in Infinity?
3) How has your opinion on Sakura changed, if it did at all, now that we know the truth about her?
4) What Sakura do you like more? The one in the flashbacks, the one from the first chapter, the one from pre-Tokyo, or the one from post-Tokyo? Why?
5) The obligatory shippy! question: R!SakuraxC!Syaoran, R!SakuraxR!Syaoran, C!SakuraxC!Syaoran, an OT3, an OT4, Sakuracest, what?
6) Any favorite moments?
7) Favorite fanon theory, if any?
8) Least favorite fanon theory, if any?
9) If you could ask CLAMP to do one thing concerning this chara, what would it be?
10) Any other thoughts?
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